The Strength in What Remains by Tracy Kidder


Originally published in: 2009

What it’s about: A man who survives the genocide in Burundi between Hutus and Tutsis (similar to the more publicized one in Rwanda) finds his way to America where he begins to make a new life.

What made me pick it up: After writing my review of Kidder’s most recent book, I realized I hadn’t read this one.

My favorite things: Like I’ve said before, Kidder has a strong ability to present his subjects as if you were at a dinner with them. It makes you feel included in the circle and that much more interested in their story.

Who it’s great for: Adults. Older teens. Anyone who has an interest in Africa and its recent history — especially Hotel Rwanda fans. Those with a strong stomach. People looking for a story that is ultimately about hope.

Erica’s rating: three-shells