Polar Bear’s Underwear by Tupera Tupera


Originally published in: 2015

What it’s about: Polar Bear can’t find his underwear, and also can’t remember what it looks like. So he and a friend set out to find it.

What made me pick it up: It came up as a “people also liked” when I was looking up Strictly No Elephants and it sounded funny.

My favorite things: This book was great! You get to follow Polar Bear and his friend as they survey the underpants from various animals trying to find his lost ones. And these animals wear some interesting briefs. I was so entertained by the illustrations and the final reveal of just where his underwear had gone. It’s quick and funny.

Who it’s great for: Kids who like the absurd. Children who are obsessed with underwear. Parents who want to be entertained while reading to their littles.

Erica’s rating: four-shells

I Am Yoga by Susan Verde


Originally published in: 2015

What it’s about: A young girl explains why she does yoga while demonstrating basic poses.

What made me pick it up: It was recommended to me by OverDrive after something I wanted wasn’t available. It’s a weird service that is not nearly close to the mark but does sometimes suggest things that are also of interest. It was a picture book, which I knew I’d go through quickly. It has a very engaging cover and font.

My favorite things: As a yoga fan more than practitioner, I enjoyed the welcoming colors and design of this book. It also offers easy to understand explanations for how yoga can help with stress and health. In the back is a simple guide to basic poses that made me want to stretch for the first time in a while. Or maybe just lay on the ground in corpse pose. That counts too!

Who it’s great for: Parents who want to introduce yoga to their child. Anyone who enjoys bright colors and engaging illustration. Adults who want a brief guide to basic yoga.

Erica’s rating: four-shells

If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson


Originally published in: 2015

What it’s about: A selfish rabbit learns he can grow so much more if he shares.

What made me pick it up: I was alone in the book drop photographing some returns for a #bookdroplife Instagram post when I saw this and spent a couple extra minutes in there reading it.

My favorite things: The illustrations are beautiful. If you want an eye-catching picture book with a great message, this is for you.

Who it’s great for: Littles who like animals and are just learning to read. Parents who want a brief book with a message. Anyone who appreciates great illustrations because these are wonderful.

Erica’s Rating: four-shells

Find a copy on Amazon (affiliate link) or in your local library.


Serafina’s Promise by Ann Burg (2015)


What it’s about: A young Haitian girl named Serafina and her dream to be a doctor when she grows up despite all the challenges she faces.

What made me pick it up: This book was recommended to me by Goodreads after I rated another novel in verse.

My favorite things: The message of hope in this book is wonderful. Serafina is a very determined character. The author also gave a very honest portrait of the hardships of daily life in Haiti. I especially enjoyed the incredibly lyrical language.

Who it’s great for: Older kids. Teens. Adults. Anyone interested in the struggles of developing nations. People who want a quick read. Those who like poetry.

Erica’s rating: four-shells