Witch, Please


First released in:  2015

What it’s about: Feminist scholars Hannah and Marcelle re-read and watch all of the Harry Potter books and films and tear them apart. With love.

What made me tune in: There was no chance I would pass up a podcast with both the perfect premise and the perfect name.

My favorite things: If you love something, rip it to shreds. Or, that seems to be the guiding idea behind this podcast. Hosts Hannah and Marcelle rejoice in the strong characters and engaging storytelling that make Harry Potter what it is, but still aren’t afraid to challenge various aspects of the books and films that are problematic. I think my favorite recurring segment is the one where they consider that Harry’s narration may be unreliable and that the story should be read with a grain of salt. A very big grain of salt.

Who it’s great for: Anyone who loves the Harry Potter stories but has struggled with some of the details. If you’ve tuned in to listen to Harry Potter and the Sacred Text you might enjoy the way this podcast approaches the books from a new angle.

Abby’s rating: five-shells

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Podcast Review: Harry Potter and the Sacred Text


This one is a little bit different. I’m a dedicated follower of a few podcasts and March is Trypod month. As in, Try (a) Pod(cast) Month, a time to encourage others to try favorite podcasts. I’d like to share one of my favorites: Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

Podcast began in: 2016

What it’s about: Religion and spirituality are a big part of many lives, and nonexistent in others. Hosts Vanessa and Casper seek to fill that void with something that they, along with their listeners, feel very strongly about: Harry Potter. Each week the hosts read a chapter and interpret it using a specific spiritual practice. Essentially, they are reading Harry Potter as though it were a sacred text, which is not too far from how many of us feel about it.

What made me pick it up: It feels like I’ve been waiting for this since Harry found out he was a wizard.

My favorite things: This podcast is the perfect length. Each episode is about half an hour long so I know I can get through the latest chapter on my way to work. The hosts take their task seriously and are able to find profound meaning in the simplest of scenes. I might not always agree with their interpretations of character’s words and actions or the significance of certain scenes, but they always find a way to reflect back on their own lives and look for ways to implement what they’ve learned.

Who it’s great for: Harry Potter fans who: a) love podcasts; b) want to give podcasts a try; or c) really just can’t let go and are up for anything Potter related.

Abby’s rating: five-shells