Ask Me About My Uterus by Abby Norman


Originally published in: 2018

What it’s about: Oh, just another woman who got ignored by doctors because she had pain in her lady bits.

What made me pick it up: Honestly, I saw the title and thought it’d be like a funny how-to guide to women’s reproductive health. It was more of a memoir about one woman’s experience with chronic pain and endometriosis.

My favorite parts: It’s hard to have favorite parts from such a heartbreaking book, so I guess it would be just having yet another example for doctors to see that points out their obvious dismissal of women and their symptoms. Also, there is good information here on how disparate the health information and research are on these issues including the almost total lack of training in medical disciplines. Endometriosis is a debilitating disease most women find hard to even have properly diagnosed, let alone treated with care. It ruins lives, as this story makes abundantly clear, and women deserve better.

Who should read this: Medical professionals, of any stripe. Men. And women who want to find or provide solidarity to those suffering.

Erica’s rating: four shells

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