The Rhino Who Swallowed a Storm by LeVar Burton


Originally published in: 2014

What it’s about: A young mouse who is scared of a storm listens to her grandfather read a book about a brave rhino who overcomes a challenging situation.

What made me pick it up: LeVar Burton! Literacy hero and host of one of my favorite shows from childhood Reading Rainbow. Also, Jordy. Once I found out he had written a book, I checked it out immediately.

My favorite things: This book is really well done and perfect for complex situations and emotions kids may experience. It is a story within a story, so it’s a bit meta, but the mouse reading about the rhino learning how to handle an overwhelming situation with support and understanding from his community is well done. There are a lot of one liners that would make great mantras for little ones. I also really enjoyed the illustrations.

Who it’s great for: Kids learning about or struggling with big emotions. Young ones going through tough times that are hard for them to understand. Families to read together. Burton fans of any age.

Erica’s rating: four-shells

Find this book at Amazon (affiliate link) or your local library.


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