Moo by Sharon Creech


Originally published in: 2016

What it’s about: A young teen girl and her family move from NYC to Maine and get used to a more rural side of life by befriending an elderly neighbor and her ornery cow.

What made me pick it up: I’ve been a Sharon Creech fan since she blew my middle school mind with Walk Two Moons and broke my little heart enough to have me sobbing at the end. It was on audio, and it was not that long (2.5 hours).

My favorite things: This book is just the right balance of happy and sad. The protagonist is a strong personality and the family relationships are positive and supportive. I’m amazed how much emotional heft Creech packed into such a brief book.

Who it’s great for: Upper elementary readers or adults who read to one. Those who can handle a strong dose of upsetting reality in their chapter book. Families about to undertake a big move or who have kids that need to learn openness to new opportunities. Anyone looking for a good read.

Erica’s rating: four-shells

To pick up a copy of Moo head to Amazon (affiliate link) or check your local library.


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